MSpa B-130 Camaro

MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Spa Review

The MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Spa is considered as a great choice in the field of inflatable hot tubs. It is comfortable and durable and will give many hours of relief from your daily pressures.

Features list

  • Heating system
  • 110 Bubble massage system
  • Heat To 104 Degrees
  • 184 Gal Capacity
  • Heat preservation mat
  • 71 x 71 x 28 inches
  • Water filtration system
  • Cushioned floor
  • 58 pounds

The small sized inflatable hot tub is an excellent selection when a person wishes to have some time to themselves. They can relax in comfort for as long as they want. It is a bit smaller than other hot tubs but it is an excellent product in its construction and is very pleasing to the eye. Its material is quality and very comfortable for the customer to lean on.

With the heating and filtration systems in this hot tub you will treat yourself with a relaxed mind and enjoy some peace and quite. You will be able to relieve all that tension you built up throughout the day and just let it all go.

MSpa B-130 Spa Features

Like every other inflatable hot tub, this product has a built-in heating system and will heat the water at a rate of 2 degrees every hour. Knowing this fact will give you a time table on when to set up your spa and have it ready for your use and enjoyment.

The MSpa B-130 has 110 bubble jets. These bubble jets are used to dispense air bubbles and waves under high pressure.

The bubbles produced will give you a massage like no other, they are so therapeutic that you will find your mind being healed from all that nasty stress you accumulated during a hard day at work.

This product features touch button controls. With this system you can control the temperature of the water so it fits your personal needs or the needs of your guests. Once you experience this hot tub, you will want to share that experience with your friends.

MSpa B-130 Camaro Inflatable Spa

The six button control panel will also let you control the water filtration system, and you can turn the bubble jets off and just have a quite relaxing time in the hot water without the noise from the jets.

MSpa B-130 Camaro 4-person Inflatable Spa has great rating here on amazon. That is a statement that speaks for itself.

The water filtration system is necessary to talk about. It is a system that cleans the water from all kinds of impurities keeping it a near germ free atmosphere. Always pay attention to the filtration system, furthermore, the product comes with extra filter cartridges that can be used later on.

There is also a heat preservation cover to keep heat inside. This cover is foil lined and is equipped with a zipper all the way around it. This will not only keep the heat in but also serves as a safety measure when having little children around it.

Cushioned flooring is a feature that provides the customer with comfort while in the spa. They can sit in the hot tub if they wish on its cushioned air filled floor and feel comfortable for long periods of time. Sit your favorite drink on a little stand next to your hot tub and you will be there for the duration.

The smart inflation feature helps customers in inflating the hot tub in just a few minutes. The process is quick and easy. Fill it up with water, let it heat and you are on your way to the best experience of your life,


  • People who cannot afford high costing hot tubs can select this product.
  • Setting up the tub is easy with its smart inflation feature
  • The water filtration system ensures your safety.
  • The material by which the product is made makes it more durable and reliable.
  • The design is pretty attractive.
  • The accessories are of great quality and use.



  • It is not suitable for bigger families. It can only accommodate four people.


Overall, the item seems perfect for use in days when one feels stressful. This product has all the necessary features to make owning an inflatable hot tub a no brainer. Easy setup, easy inflation, and a control panel to handle the rest. Go to Amazon Now to buy MSpa B-130 Camaro 4-person Inflatable Spa.

If this is not what you were looking for please read inflatable spa reviews as we go over many other models or if you want to read about the Coleman inflatable hot tub which is what we recommend most.

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